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Registering as a member (Casual, Enthusiastic, Obsessed, Student Level) you get access to more sheet music. Registering as a regular user of the website gives you access to posting in the forum.

Check to see that you are using the correct username and password that you registered with. Username is not your email. Check your email for verification that your registration was successful. If you don’t receive an email, the email may have been typed incorrectly or have gone into the spam folder. If none of the above works please contact us through the website.

Your username can be retrieved and sent to you. While your password cannot be retrieved, it can easily be reset. Visit the login page and click I’ve forgotten my password and/or username. Please use the email address associated with your account. Follow the instructions and you should be able to log in again shortly.

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Check your spam folder incase the email got sent there or maybe the email was typed incorrectly. Try registering again or contact us to check your account.

Accordion Forum

Due to technical complications one login is specifically for “Members” of the website who want access to the sheet music, discounts on courses etc. These are the Casual, Enthusiastic, Obsessed, Student Members.

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The regular login on the right-hand top corner is to access the forum and post comments in the forum. Users must login and register through the top right hand corner to use the forum.

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When you go to post, there are two ways to post. One is using the “Visual” Post and the other is called “Text.” If you click and use the “Visual” posting than you shouldn’t get any <> tags or other symbols. If you know how to use the symbols and tags then click “Text” to post. Any problems please email us at:

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Make sure you register using the “Membership Signup.”

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If you just register under the regular “Signup” this only allows you to post and make friends in the forum only.

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Register through the Membership Signup and go to your email inbox to confirm your registration to get access to the Sheet Music Library.

The Casual Membership Level is completely free. If you want access to more music and other resources there is a fee. This small fee helps pay the staff who spend hours building new webpages to host new music, engraving the music so it is readable with the Sheet Music Viewer, creating audio files, etc. it all takes a lot of time and the fees go to help provide more sheet music for our members.

Downloading Sheet Music

To interact with the Sheet Music Viewer, the plugin must be downloaded. This gives you the ability to slow the music down or speed it up or even change keys. The plugin is free and enables the Sheet Music Viewer to be seen. This is very similar to downloading the Adobe Reader so your computer can read PDF’s.

Every song, (on the left side) has an option to be downloaded. Just click the link to download straight to your computer. It will not automatically open in a new browser. It goes directly into your computer files.

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